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MyGRANTS Value Proposition (Research and Product)

MyGRANTS solution has been developed based on research in social networking as well as per MOE’s requirement. It shall provide a common ground and level playing field, bringing all those involved onto a single centric information and knowledge systems platform primed to foster collaboration at all levels in the research management at university level.

This strategic platform shall advance work efficiency and effectiveness by reducing the time and effort involved in the management, administration, collaboration, reporting, consolidation and distribution of related information - activities that presently use manual means and/or existing disparate information systems.

The following is the main research and development focus area that the solution shall offer:

Research Value Proposition

The expected outcome of this research project are the following Intellectual Property

  • New algorithm of social research networking shall be developed based on combination of artificial intelligent engines including neural network, fuzzy logics and genetics algorithm.
  • Machine learning and auto generated services of artifacts software engines for social research networking based on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) approach.
  • A new Artefact-Attribute-Network Framework based on Artefact-Actor-Network (AAN) to support multiple domains of actors including personal, workers, researchers and learners.

The expected Human Capital Development

  • 1 PhD and 4 Masters Students
  • Publications - 25 International and National Journal and Conference Papers

Technology and Product Value Proposition

Service Oriented Approach (SOA)

MyGRANTS solution has utilized the best breed of technology which focuses on the business process requirements in research management at Universities by utilizing Service Oriented Approach. With this approach system are govern by the nature of user business operations which can easily adopted, improve, enhance or customize accordingly based upon current need of the operations.

Knowledge Resources Management

MyGRANTS solution is managing knowledge resource repositories in more structure, organize and efficient manner to foster easy retrieval, avoid redundancy and proper classification. The solution utilizes advance technique to govern knowledge with ontology and semantic meaning. The proper management of research related resources shall help researchers to save time and shall help to nurture young researchers.

Social Networking

MyGRANTS is leveraged on the power of socio-manufacturing concept and offer environments conducive to communities of practice that are characterized by knowledge-based, practice-based, and task-based. It allows researchers to create online profiles for themselves, their research works and sharing research findings and documents. The researchers shall create their existing network of colleagues online in which they can interact with each other.

Grant Processing Management

MyGRANTS solution helps in managing grant application and processing for the researcher who is going to execute the research. The grant processing operation is following standard and policies govern by MOE. This centralized and open concept shall guide researchers to put-up better proposals which shall avoid duplications and help to improve previous researches.


MyGRANTS solution enables MOE and the higher learning institutions to apply analytics to decision-making, improve outcomes and manage risk, now and in the future based on the research activities under various MOE Grant Schemes.

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