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FRGS Skim Geran Penyelidikan Fundamental
(Fundamental Research Grant Scheme)
PRGS Skim Geran Penyelidikan Pembangunan Prototaip
(Prototype Development Research Grant Scheme)
ERGS Exploratory Research Grant Scheme
TRGS Skim Geran Penyelidikan Transdisiplinari
(Trans Disciplinary Research Grant Scheme)
NRGS Niche Research Grant Scheme
LRGS Skim Geran Penyelidikan Jangka Panjang
(Long Term Research Grant Scheme)
RAGS Dana Pembudayaan Penyelidikan
RACE Research Acculturation of Early Career Researchers
GSP Geran Sanjungan Penyelidikan
Antifouling Study of The Zno Bio-synthesis Polymer Mixed Matric Membrane Using Various Natural Organic Matter (Nom)medium
The modified membrane integrated with several biosynthesized particles from the stage of Sub-Project 1 was successfully fabricated using phase inversion technique.This part will cover for objectives 1 activity. Meanwhile several permeate medium have been chosen based on the real wastewater such as real oil and water mixture from palm...
An Integrated Insider Threats Detection and Controls Method
The security threats concern all the components of the current computing infrastructure world. One of these threats is the insider threat. The insider threats problem is considered as one of the difficult problems to detect in cyber security. The detection of the Insider threat is becoming a very complex and difficult task. This project...
Prototype Development of Optimum Irregular Milling Tools for Chatter Supression in Machining Automotive Product
In this project, optimum tool geometry of variable helix and variable pitch based on chatter stability lobe diagram (SLD) created from modal analysis and cutting force coefficient determination were developed. The outcome are 3 irregular milling tools (12, 16, 20 mm) with coated and uncoated were produced. This prototype...
Sustainable Platform Controller for Step-compliant Open Cnc System
CNC machines have gone through tremendous upgrades along the years. However, conventional CNC machines could not find its place in the new era of machining due to its limitation in compatibility, language difference and control has caused increase in terms of repurchase cost, reinstallations, reconfigurations and also training. This system which has been designed and developed...
An Automated Reward System: Smart Recycle Bin (SRB)
Recycling rate among developing nation is very low and the number of waste is increasing every day. Although many steps have been taken such as through national campaign, yet the recycle rate remains unchanged especially in Malaysia. Thus, the smart recycle bin is proposed to give a reward to public user who thrown the recyclable waste into the...
An In-vitro study of the Mechanism of Targeted Co-delivery of Diagnostic and Therapeutic Agents into Triple Negative Breast Cancer
Triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) is characterized by its higher incidence of recurrence and more aggressive clinical course. Due to higher rate of recurrence, early detection is urgently needed as well as an effective delivery of anticancer drug to tumor sites to increase patient survival. In this study, we develop theranostic...
Photoluminescence Properties of Lithium Europium Molybdate Phosphor and Its Correlational Effects with the Crystal Structure in the Substitution of Non-activating Cations
Rare earth elements (REEs) such as Eu3+ are very important in contributing to the luminescence properties of phosphors. Current economic situation and environmental awareness has forced global industries to look for...
Evaluation on the Role and Regulation of Inflammatory Cytokines in the Synthesis of Recombinant Protein from Mammalian cell lines
One way to enhance the synthesis of recombinant protein is to improve its expression level. The main objective of this study is to elucidate the mechanism that regulates the expression of p110 in different producers when stimulated by human inflammatory cytokines such...



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