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MyGRANTS Introduction

MyGRANTS has been designed, developed and implemented as a fully web-based MyGRANTS (Malaysia Greater Research Network System) solution that would effectively bring all those involved in research managements and operations onto a common information platform and to fully exploit and harness the capabilities afforded by the proposed MyGRANTS solution. MyGRANTS now become the tools to help researchers, nurture collegiality amongst researcher and to help develop a critical mass of researches by offering a conducive research ecosystem. The following purposes of MyGRANTS as specified by MOE's requirements:

  • There are needs currently to manage the operation of research management at university level to optimize the available research grants.
  • The researches and grant applications such as FRGS, LRGS, ERGS, PRGS and others need to be coordinated to avoid overlapping and duplications.
  • The research grants approval needs to be federated for better selections of research proposals and transparent process.
  • There are needs to systemize information search and retrieval to help researchers and industries.
  • There are needs to nurture collegiality among researchers.
  • There are needs to assist, nurture and guide young researchers.
  • There are needs to analyze the research areas and progress for better decision and planning.
  • There are needs to better monitor researches progress.
  • There are needs to have a one-stop centre to help the industries search for relevant researches thus better potential for research commercialization.
  • There are needs to expose the researchers and their works to the world.
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